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noun: glass; plural noun: glasses

... a lens, or an optical instrument containing a lens or lenses ...
Glass and Water

Underwater photography may conjure up the vision of a SCUBA diver weighed down with an apparatus that costs more than a decent used car. And something that requires a degree in physics in order to operate it.

In years gone by this would have been a fairly accurate assessment, but times have changed. Inexpensive and simple-to-operate cameras are available with waterproof casings, and many people may be wondering how best to use these without having to take up SCUBA diving.

Equally, many established underwater photographers will have come to the realisation that SCUBA diving is not always the best approach to obtaining certain images.

For both groups, it would be useful to have a definitive guide that describes how best to adapt to an aquatic environment for the purposes of photography, without the encumbrance of SCUBA equipment.

Glass and Water is this guide.

The book draws heavily on the techniques and equipment of competitive freedivers, who require the ability to be underwater for as long as possible to obtain their goals. Goals that are not dissimilar to those of the underwater photographer.

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